Carpenters build world record-breaking pinewood derby track

2016 Boy Scouts Mid-American Council Jubilee
Guinness World Record Breaking Pinewood Derby Track

On Saturday, October 15, 20,000 Boy Scouts from the Mid-American Council gathered at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park in Nebraska for its 2016 Jubilee. The Jubilee spanned the weekend and featured many events such as concerts, tree climbing, bouncy houses and the world’s longest pinewood derby track. The track, spanning an incredible 1,819 feet, 3 3Ž4 inches, was built by Union Carpenters from Omaha Locals 427, 1306 and 1463. For reference, a standard derby track is approximately 42 feet. Materials for the track were donated by local contractors and scaffolding was donated and erected by Brand Energy.

Hundreds of hours of volunteer work went into building the record-breaking track. Students and instructors from Pine Ridge and Denison Job Corps put in a combined 792 hours assisting with the build. An entire day of their work was dedicated to sanding the joints between sections of track. This work was extremely valuable, as the Boy Scouts’ Pinewood Derby Master stated, “This track is one of the best I have ever seen, I couldn’t have built it better myself.

Fifteen members from our Nebraska Local Unions also volunteered their time, adding an additional 720 volunteer hours. Volunteers drove in 400 stakes, more than 225 pieces of 8-foot trough for the track to lay in, and more than 250 pieces of aluminum track. They spent the first three days of the build setting in the stakes and trough and the remaining time until the record attempt laying the track and fine-tuning the entire 1,800+ feet to ensure the cars could complete the entire length.

A representative from Guinness World Records was there to certify the record. It was broken on the first official run with a time of 1:16. The fastest car of the day ran the track in 1:05, or approximately 26 feet per second.

Special thanks to:
+Brand Energy (donated and erected scaffolding)
+Denison Job Corps (21 students and 2 instructors volunteered)
+Pine Ridge Job Corps (14 students and 1 instructor volunteered)
+Alexander Specialty Werks (helped mass-cut plywood)
+Members of Nebraska Locals 427, 1306 & 1463 (volunteered and donated money and materials)
+Weiss Company (donated power tools and saw horses)
+JE Dunn (donated an excavator and a 40-foot storage container)
+Kiewit (Signed for a lift)
+United Rental (provided an all-terrain fork lift)
+Nebraska Department of Roads (donated a snow fence)
+Hitchcock Nature Center (donated 250 T-posts for barrier)
+Total Tool (donated screw guns and impact wrenches)