Training Center Spotlight

Apprentices volunteer at the African American Museum of Iowa

Instructors with the Five Rivers Carpenters JACTC were approached by the African American Museum of Iowa, located in Cedar Rapids, IA, to help prepare an area of the museum for a new exhibit. The museum needed a number of display boxes built as well as a barn structure for the exhibit. Training Center Coordinator John DeLany found materials that matched the historic period the exhibit represented and had the wood rough cut for added authenticity. The apprentice class spent a day building out the new exhibit space for the museum.


INSTALL apprentices help their community

INSTALL apprentices at the Floor Coverers Training Center in St. Paul, MN, have frequently worked with Homeward Bound, an organization that provides services and housing for individuals with disabilities. About once a year, apprentices volunteer their time to install various types of floor coverings in these homes. Recently, apprentices installed approximately 900-square-feet of luxury vinyl in a Maple Grove home. Apprentices enjoy this volunteer opportunity and are eager to participate, according to Instructor Kelly Bakke.

“The INSTALL Training Center uses these projects to enhance the 4-year apprenticeship of our members,” says Kelly. “Experienced instructors are able to slow the job down so everyone can learn layout and the technical specifications of the flooring being installed. Following specific training on each job, the ample number of volunteers make quick work of the actual installation.

Currently, the INSTALL Training Center is working with Homeward Bound on its biggest home. The work will take place in several phases.


Homeward Bound was established on August 14, 1973, by parents of children with a variety of physical and mental challenges. A non-profit organization, Homeward Bound supports children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities. They provide 24-hour specialized nursing care, group living environments, in-home services, and individualized housing options for persons of all ages and ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds.