Hospital asks for professionally trained carpenters

One hospital in Rapid City, SD is taking steps to ensure patients safety during construction while also helping to bring more work for skilled carpenters.

Black Hills Surgical Hospital is about to start a three-phase, multi-year expansion of their Rapid City facility. Hospital administrators have included language in their bid specs that all skilled labor employees on this project must be ICRA (Infectious Control Risk Assessment) trained. That language opens the door for North Central States (NCSRCC) to work with contractors in order to bring more union work to the Black Hills area. 

Black Hills Surgical Hospital in South Dakota

ICRA 24-hour Training was designed for professional carpenters and floor coverers working in occupied health care facilities. The ICRA certification covers controlling contaminants, containing work areas, risk of secondary infections and other topics to ensure the safety of immune compromised patients, facility staff and the public during construction. NCSRCC is working with area contractors to partner with them through this construction. 

In a state with just 70 union carpenter members, this project means lasting work for current members and a unique opportunity to recruit new members into our highly-skilled workforce.