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Work Boots to Wingtips: Candidate Bootcamp

Have you thought about running for office? Join us for Candidate Bootcamp on November 12-13, 2019.

This two-day training is open to all Carpenter Union members regardless of whether you want to run for School Board, City Council, State Level Office, or Congress.

  • Decide if running for office is for you.
  • Gather insight and advice from current elected officials.
  • Learn campaign timelines and how to run for office.
  • Party politics vs. union politics and why we run.
  • Begin to develop your campaign message.
  • Determine vote goal totals and win with numbers.
  • Volunteer recruitment tips and Get Out The Vote activities.
  • Win! “Get the Votes in the Box”
  • Fundraising basics, making the ask and endorsements.
  • Understand campaign finance laws (with Megan Engelhardt of MN Campaign Finance).
  • Media tips, social media and more.

Location: 710 Olive Street, St. Paul, The Showroom

For questions, please contact Kim Nelson, MN Assistant Political Director at or 651-341-0490.