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NCSRCC Municipal Election Endorsements

The NCSRCC has endorsed in the following municipal elections for 2019. Areas of endorsement were given priority based on protecting labor area standards and job creation for our industry. We encourage all members who live in these areas to vote before or on November 5, 2019 for the following:


  • Bloomington City Council: Tim Busse for Mayor and Jenna Carter At-Large
  • Bloomington School Board: Jon Moravec
  • Duluth City Council: Emily Larson for Mayor, Noah Hobbs At-Large, Arik Forsman At-Large, Gary Anderson 1st District, Janet Kennedy 5th District.
  • Golden Valley City Council: Shep Harris for Mayor, Maurice Harris (no relation) At-Large, Kimberly Sanberg At-Large
  • Saint Louis Park School Board: Jim Leuthner (Local 322 member)
  • Saint Paul City Council: Dao Thao Ward 1, Rebecca Noecker Ward 2, Chris Tolbert Ward 3, Mitra Jalili Nelson Ward 4, Amy Brendmoen Ward 5,  Terri Thao Ward 6, Jane Prince Ward 7
  • Rochester School District Building Referendums: Vote “Yes” on Question 1 and Question 2
  • White Bear Lake School District Building Referendum: Vote “Yes”

Contact Kim Nelson, Minnesota Assistant Political Director at knelson@ncsrcc.org or 651-341-0490 should you want to volunteer to help get out the vote for any of our endorsed campaigns.


  • Des Moines Mayor: Frank Cownie
  • Des Moines Ward 2: Linda Westegarrd 
  • Des Moines Ward 4: Joe Gatto
  • Des Moines At Large: Carl Voss
  • Cedar Rapids At Large: Patrick Loeffler, 20 yr. member, Local 308
  • Cedar Rapids At Large: Ann Poe
  • Sioux City Mayor: Robert (Bob) Scott
  • South East Polk (SEP) School District: Eric Leanos, 15 yr. member, Local 106

For questions, contact Felicia Hilton, Iowa Political Director at Fhilton@ncsrcc.org.