Carpenter Economics

Carpenter Economics

Carpenter apprentices receive the highest quality training with livable wages and benefits on day one. Unlike non-union programs, our apprentices learn life-long skills on the jobsite and in the classroom tuition free. Union training results in the highest-level of skill and productivity, with an emphasis on safety. Our carpenters are able to work on the biggest, most complex projects and still return home safe. Union Carpenters enjoy a middle class way of life and a secure retirement while building our state right the first time.

Passing bonding bills, engaging in executive orders, working with government officials on all levels and building power amongst our own membership are actions related to Carpenter Economics. Politics is about power and decision-making. We need to be a part of that decision-making because it affects our paychecks and our families.

Carpenter Economics is also about holding politicians accountable. It is about pressuring them to put working people first. It means focusing on the bread-and-butter issues that impact all of us, not chasing social issues that are trendy or popular in the media.

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