NCSRCC Scholarship Application
Every year, the Regional Council awards scholarships to members furthering their education in the trades and children of members to help them pursue a post-secondary education. The number of scholarships awarded depends on the amount of money raised for the Scholarship Fund. Read more about eligibility requirements.

Business Representative Application
Business Representative job duties include upholding area standards, jobsite visits, working with members, contract enforcement, meeting with signatory and non-signatory contractors, and community involvement, among others. We are always accepting applications and your information will be on file for up to one year. Preference will be given to applicants who have attended the UBC Journeyman Leadership or Third Year Apprentice programs.

Journeyman Leadership Program Application
Journeymen Leaders help secure the Brotherhood’s future by learning to engage with newer members and leading by example, all while promoting positive work environments and productivity on the job. Read more about the program here.

Third Year Apprentice Program Application
In these three-day sessions held at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, seasoned apprentices gain a greater understanding of the Brotherhood and the construction industry, and of the role union members play in the success of both. Participants learn how professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude contribute to their own success as well as that of their employers.

Collaborative Leadership Program Application
This three-day weekend program is open to all supervisory personnel employed by our contractors regardless of union membership, both in the office and on the jobsite: foremen, general foremen, safety managers, project managers, estimators, superintendents and owners. Read more about the program here.