Thermal & Sound Insulation

Thermal & Sound Insulation

Job Details
Greg Gulden

Physical Abilities Needed

Able to set up, climb, and work off 6’, 8’and 10’ ladders as well as extension ladders
Able to set up, climb, and work off scaffolds (different heights)
Able to run and work off a lift (different heights)
Able to lift batt, rigid and semi-rigid insulation materials ranging from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs.
Able to lift rigid insulation materials ranging from 5 to 40 lbs.
Able to lift blown insulation packages weighing approximately 35 lbs.
Able to carry rolls of vapor barrier ranging from
Able to push-roll 4-packs or 5-packs of bundled fiberglass batt insulation up flights of stairs if no lift is available.
Able to work overhead installing both insulation and vapor barrier
Able to squat, kneel, or bend over repetitively to install insulation, vapor barrier, caulking, etc. at floor level
Able to pull blowing hose to and from jobsite access
Able to repetitively swing a tack hammer
Able to walk on stilts for high or overhead work
Able to drive short and long distances to and from the jobsite

Homeco Insulation encourages applications from females, minorities, and Section 3 residences.

Please contact Greg Gulden at 763-244-2291 or or Ken Oates at 763-244-2302 or

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