Journeymen Leaders

Journeymen Leaders: Building Leadership for a Strong Future

The UBC actively promotes a constructive culture on the jobsite, where members value and motivate one another to achieve their highest potential and ensure maximum productivity. In this course at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, journeymen develop leadership, mentoring, coaching and communication skills. These journeymen leaders help secure the Brotherhood’s future by learning to engage with newer members and leading by example, all while promoting positive work environments and productivity on the job. Both participants and their supporting contractors benefit by participating in the UBC Journeymen Leadership training program.

Who is eligible?
The UBC Journeymen Leader program is intended to focus on those journeymen and women who have the ability and willingness to influence others positively on the jobsite. Participants may apply themselves, or be nominated for the program by Council Business Representatives or staff, foremen and contractors. Apply/nominate here.

Participants of the program must be UBC members in good standing with journey-level status. Candidates for this program are those who work regularly and who are leaders on the jobsite. They must also be motivated, and willing and able to attend the training. The program accommodates 180 Journeymen for each session.

2019 Session dates: December 5-8.
2020 Session dates: July 30 – August 2
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