Member Accountability

UBC members raise the standards for performance on the job, in their Local union, and in their communities.

As Union Carpenters, Floor Coverers, Millwrights and Pile Drivers, we take pride in our training and work ethic. We set the industry standard for skill and productivity. How we perform with our tools is not the only thing that sets us apart. The intangibles we bring to the job are just as important. We come to the job on time, prepared both physically and mentally. We are the most productive workforce around. We give a full, hard day’s work. We don’t steal time from our employers. We adhere to the work conditions and standards spelled out in our collective bargaining agreement. We continue to advance our skills and training to keep current with new technologies and industry trends.

In return, we receive superior wages and benefits. Our signatory contractors make a good profit. It’s a partnership that works for all of us.

Keeping Records
Because of the nature of construction, members typically work for several contractors in the course of a year. Keeping accurate records and work logs is vital to making sure you receive all of the pay and benefits you have earned. Accurate records can also be necessary for resolving disputes in pay, tax, insurance, unemployment, workers’ compensation and pension issues. You should keep every pay stub and check them against the annual reports you receive from your benefit funds.

– Carry your union card with you on all jobs. Keep your dues up-to-date so you remain in “good standing” and can continue to work.

– Carry your Training Verification Card, which shows certifications such as OSHA training or scaffolding, with you to demonstrate that you are qualified for the job.

– Keep detailed records of who you work for, where, when, and for how long.

Getting Involved
We are “the union”. All of us. We have power in numbers and strength in unity. We preserve and improve our working conditions by working and negotiating together — not by each one of us going his or her own way.

As an individual member, it is vital that you stay involved and informed. Attend your Local union meetings. Read your Local newsletter. Read the magazines from the Regional Council and the UBC. Speak up. Get active in committees, community service projects, and political and legislative action.

Learn more about the groups we are committed to, and how you can become involved by volunteering in your community here.

Report a Jobsite
Want to help preserve your standard of living and generate more work for signatory contractors — and each other? There is a simple contribution every member and retiree can make.

When you’re running errands, driving to and from work or chauffeuring your kids or grandkids, keep an eye out for new construction activity. Write down the name and location of the project (an intersection is fine), then report the information to a representative at your Local meeting. Or, send the information to

The Regional Council is constantly keeping tabs on contractors who don’t meet area standards for wages and benefits. “The more eyes we have out there, the easier it is to achieve our goals,” said Director of Resource Management Kevin Hilton.

Council representatives follow up on every report, checking if the contractors involved meet area standards for all of the work our contractors have assigned us to perform.