a) someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced person
b) a trusted counselor or guide

Mentors provide a support system for members who are new to the industry and to the Union. Mentoring means one-on-one contact with new members and offers a way of answering any questions they may have. Having a network of people they can trust helps new members understand their role in the Union and feel more included.

Why mentoring is important:

Mentoring Lead: Rank-and-file member who is the point person for the Mentors in their Local. They will be able to answer questions or connect Mentors with someone who can.

Mentors: Rank-and-file members who will provide guidance and support to new members. Mentors are members who have participated in the UBC Journeyman Leadership program. Read about the benefits of being a mentor here.

Mentee: Someone who is new to the Union and may have questions or need guidance

What is expected of Mentors?

  • Monthly check-ins with assigned Mentees by calling, emailing, texting or meeting with the Mentees in person
  • Outreach is simply a wellness check, making sure the Mentee hasn’t run into any issues during his or her first few months
  • Provide simple encouragement and, if there is an issue or question they cannot answer, contact the Mentoring Lead or a Business Representative in their area for the correct information
  • Log each interaction in the Mentoring Log Book
  • Meet with Mentoring Lead prior to Local meeting to communicate feedback or challenges

Growing our Union begins with you! Interested in becoming a mentor?
Contact your Local union office or send us a message.