OPEN ENROLLMENT: Flex-Choice Allocation Program

OPEN ENROLLMENT: Flex-Choice Allocation Program

May 10, 2022
Take control of your retirement and health care with the Flex-Choice Allocation Program.

As a member in the Carpenters & Joiners Welfare Fund and the Carpenters & Joiners Defined Contribution (DC) Plan, you can allocate a portion of your Health Fund and DC Pension contribution above the minimum hourly contributions required to be put into the plan.

Maximize your retirement savings and pre-fund your health care by making a Flex-Choice election this May 2022. Do not miss out on this opportunity to secure your future by leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Open enrollment is May 1-31, 2022. Click here to choose your benefit allocation:

No Action
Taking no action will default to the amount currently allocated to your DC Pension and the remaining balance will go into your Health Fund.

Glidepath Model
The Glidepath Model will adjust your contributions over time, allocating more to your DC Pension the younger you are and shifting more into your Health Fund as you age. With Glidepath, you can set it and forget it, requiring no further management after the initial selection.

Custom Allocation
If you have unique circumstances, a Custom Allocation will allow you to choose what works best for you and your family. With this election, you will have the option to make a new election every spring.

A modeling tool is available at for you to explore what your balances could look like at retirement based on your allocation.
Flex Choice Modeling Tool