Pay Dues

This page is ONLY for members in good standing. If you are behind on your dues, you must contact your Local.

Members of all locals within NCSRCC territorial jurisdiction can submit payments on the website, with the exception of Pewaukee area locals. If you are a member of a Pewaukee local, please contact your local directly for payment.

Please select your dues amount below. You may pay one month at a time, or multiple months. By paying online you agree to pay the convenience fee that has been added to your dues amount.

Credit card processing is handled safely and securely through PayPal Credit Processing. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card. Please note that listed payment totals on Paypal are gross amounts. Paypal deducts a processing fee and the remaining net amount is the amount applied to the payment of monthly dues on a member’s account.

Dues options below. To pay for more than 1 month, enter the number of months in the “Quantity” field after adding the dues to your cart. Add to Cart
Apprentice/Journey-level (including Locals 68, 310, 314, 322, 361, 464, 587, 606, 646, 731, 804, 930, 955, 1056, 1074, 1091, 1143, 1146, 1176, 1934): $28 + $1.25 convenience fee = $29.25 Pay Dues
Early Retired, as well as Apprentices for Locals 106, 427, 948, 1306: $22 + $1 convenience fee = $23 Pay Dues
Journey-level Industrial: $37 + $1.25 convenience fee = $38.25 Pay Dues
Journey-level Locals 106, 427, 948, 1306: $29.55 + $1.25 convenience fee = $30.80 Pay Dues
Journey-level Local 1382: $28 + $1.25 convenience fee = $29.25 Pay Dues
Materials Handler: $58.05 + $2 convenience fee = $60.05 Pay Dues
Millwrights Locals 548, 1091, 1176, 1348: $32 + $1.50 convenience fee = $33.50 Pay Dues
Millwrights Local 1463 Apprentice/Journey-Level: $30 + $1.25 convenience fee = $31.25 Pay Dues
Millwrights Local 1463 Retired and Early-Retired: $22 + $1 convenience fee = $23 Pay Dues
Pile Drivers: $31 + $1.25 convenience fee = $32.25 Pay Dues
Retired: $6 + $1 convenience fee = $7 Pay Dues
* Honorary members (50 years or more as a member) are not required to pay dues *

The above dues payments are those most commonly paid by various members throughout the Council. NOT ALL MEMBER DUES ARE INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE CATEGORIES. If your dues do not fall into the above categories, please contact your Local to pay them directly.

If you do not know how much your dues are each month, or the total amount that you owe, please contact your Local. You alone are responsible for late fees if your dues are not paid in full and on time.

Member dues are due and payable on the first day of each month. You may pay in advance by choosing to pay more than one month at a time.
Payments received after 3 p.m. will be posted on the following business day.
You will be charged a late fee on the 15th of the month ($5) if you become three months in arrears (behind in payments). You will receive arrears notices by postal mail at two months, three months and five months. Members six months in arrears will be suspended from membership.

IF YOU ARE SUSPENDED, you must contact your Local to make a payment. Simply paying online will not reinstate you or return your membership to good standing.