Tax Fraud

Every day, our members and signatory contractors set the standards for the construction industry in the Upper Midwest. We set the standards for training, productivity, on-the-job safety, and safe working conditions. We set the standards for apprenticeship, which provides real career choices for young people and builds the next generation of skilled workers for our economy.

We set the standards for wages and benefits. We earn wages that reward us for our hard work, carry full health insurance for ourselves and our families, and build a pension so we can enjoy retirement.

Building and defending these standards is a never-ending battle. There are always developers and contractors who are willing to cheat the system. There are always contractors willing to take advantage of their workers, pay their crews as little as they can get away with, and even bend or break the law through the shadow economy.

Contractors like this drag down standards for all of us, put legitimate contractors at a competitive disadvantage, and shovel their costs onto taxpayers and responsible employers.

The Carpenters Union refuses to sit on the sidelines when unscrupulous contractors erode area standards. We expose these contractors wherever we find them, go public with campaigns against them, and work with elected officials to close the loopholes they exploit.