Mix 2020 Dispatch System

Mix 2020 Dispatch System

For questions about Mix 2020 Dispatch, please call 1-855-987-2020.

As a member of North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters, you have access to Mix 2020 Dispatch if you become unemployed. To register for Mix 2020, please follow the steps below.

To put yourself on the MIX 2020 out-of-work list, call 1-855-456-2141
To talk to DISPATCH, call 1-855-987-2020

Mix 2020 Instrucciones


How Mix 2020 Works


Skill sheets

Quick Help Guide

Here's a guide for registering and filling out your skills sheet.
Mix 2020 Dispatch Step 1
Mix 2020 Dispatch Step 1
Mix 2020 Dispatch Step 3
Mix 2020 Dispatch Step 3.1

Contractor JOb Callout Form

Company Address
Jobsite Address
Travel and/or per diem?
Which Craft are you requesting?
Are you requesting anyone by name?

Please note any requests for specific levels of apprentices in the notes section at the end of this form.

Is this a Prevailing Wage job?
Shift 1
Do you have another shift to request?
Is there pre-employment drug screening for this site?
Orientation required?