Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)

ICRA Training

Infection Control Risk Assessment

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) started at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Saint Paul, MN in 2008 and has set the industry standard for health care construction. Developed in collaboration with construction experts and Hospital Environmental Health Specialists from across the country, ICRA training strengthens our knowledge of hospital infection risk and prepares us with the skills to protect the patient and the worker.

The Carpenters Union is the leader in infection control training, currently offering the following training: ICRA Construction Best Practices Awareness (8-hour), ICRA Construction Best Practices in Occupied Facilities (24-hour), and ICRA Heavy Civil Deep Foundation. Our training system is purely methodical but flexible enough to be understood and useful to all levels of UBC professionals: apprentices, journey-level, foremen and superintendents.

Led by a team of skilled specialists and professional instructors, participants will explore all ICRA concepts and material. The instructors will also encourage open communication and group collaboration within the classroom setting. Once training is complete, a photo ID badge and hard hat sticker are issued to easily identify the trained carpenter to the health care facility’s Infection Control Coordinator.

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To sign-up for an upcoming ICRA training, visit the NCSRCC events calendar. For questions about ICRA, contact Jayson Karas, ICRA Coordinator, at 320-247-3434 or


ICRA Construction Best Practices Awareness

The ICRA Construction Best Practices Awareness program builds core principles and curriculum in healthcare construction. Designed for partnering contractors, subcontractors, project managers, architects and facility staff, this course covers: infection control, chain of infection, ICRA responsibilities, ICRA levels, procedures and practices, communication and documentation, and consequences.


ICRA Construction Best Practices in Occupied Facilities

The ICRA Construction Best Practices in Occupied Facilities delivers a strong message that Carpenters care about protecting patients and minimizing impact on the facility, staff and visitors. The program teaches the importance of utilizing hard and soft wall barriers, dust mitigation through jobsite air management as well as the many types of pathogens and contaminants one could be exposed to while working in a healthcare facility. It is also an integral part of the Union’s Apprenticeship Program, offered to all apprentices in their 204 portion of the program.


ICRA Heavy Civil Deep Foundation

ICRA Heavy Civil Deep Foundation training is a unique program that dives into much of the same principles as the 8-hour and 24-Hour programs, but provides more detail on utilities, contaminants, and remediation steps unique to soil and substrate disturbances. Heavy Civil Deep Foundation training is a specialized program that offers members and contractors another tool to improve their own work and the industry at large.


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