UBC Leadership Training

UBC Leadership Training

United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ training is the hallmark of our union. While our members may have vastly different skill sets, they all share the pride and commitment of being the most highly trained in the most up-to-date theories and methodologies, tools, installation procedures, and safety measures.

Just as job skills can be learned, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners (UBC) believes its members can also develop union-building and leadership qualities.

The UBC’s Department of Education and Training (DET) helps members become more aware, more involved, and more effective on the job and within the union. In the past decade, thousands of members, staff, and officers have taken part in DET’s multi-day courses at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, which offers live-in facilities and state-of-the-art meeting space.

Journeyman Leadership Program

UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future

This four-day program is geared toward journey-level craftsmen and women who are leaders on the jobsite. It provides them with the tools and inspiration needed to create a culture of productivity, professionalism, safety and profitability, while instilling can-do attitudes and emphasizing strong partnerships with our contractors. Some of the topics covered are time/resource management, teamwork, generational differences, effective communication skills, mentoring, and transformational leadership. 

Who is eligible?

Participants of the program must be UBC members in good standing with journey-level status. Candidates for this program are those who work regularly and who are leaders on the jobsite. They must also be motivated, and willing and able to attend the training. The program accommodates 180 Journeymen for each session.

The UBC Journeymen Leader program is intended to focus on those journeymen and women who have the ability and willingness to influence others positively on the jobsite. Participants may apply themselves, or be nominated for the program by Council Business Representatives or staff, foremen and contractors. To apply or nominate, please complete and submit the form below.

2023 Dates: April 13-16


212 Journeymen

Next Level UBC Leaders

This four-day program is open only to journeypersons who have completed the UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future program. The program is specifically designed for journeypersons who exemplify the principles of the UBC Journeymen program by having returned to their job sites and making a measurable impact or stepping up in a leadership role at the Council level. Contact an NCSRCC Business Representative to refer a candidate to this training.

2023 Dates: July 13-16


Third-Year Apprentice Program

This four-day program was created for apprentices in the third year of their training who are showing exceptional promise as carpenters and leaders. The goal of this program is to help them further understand their role as leaders and their ability to have a positive effect on productivity, safety and professionalism on every jobsite, as well as the UBC’s strong partnership with its contractors.

To learn more about the program, check out this video.

2023 Dates: February 23-26, December 7-10


Collaborative Leadership Training

Building Jobsite Leaders

This three-day program is open for registration to Foremen Level employees and higher who have interaction with the field/jobsite, including but not limited to: foremen, general foremen, safety managers, project managers, estimators, superintendents and owners. The program is designed to give jobsite supervisors the tools necessary to improve the overall jobsite, taking it from good to great. Collaborative Leadership focuses on four key areas:

  • Entrepreneurship: Demonstrating how an individual at any level can create a strong personal brand that makes them essential and offers strategies to use personal power to create collaborative relationships.
  • Leadership as a response: Engages jobsite leaders to better their leadership responses through commitment and involvement.
  • Culture of collaboration: Encouraging workers to engage each other, make decisions together, improve processes and product together, and to create a sense of commitment and ownership for all.
  • Communication Skills for Leaders: Strengthens communications skills and creates an external awareness that turns good communicators into great ones.

PLEASE NOTE: Attendees of this program are not required to be a union member, but you must be employed by a signatory contractor. To receive the maximum benefit of this program, it is strongly encouraged that each company sends a minimum of two (2) employees to each session.

This program accommodates 20 people per session from our area.

2023 Dates: January 30 - February 1, July 10-12, August 14-16, October 9-11


Foreman Training Program

The UBC offers three versions of the Foreman Training program: Interior Systems, Concrete, and Nuclear Scaffolding (special request). The program is for UBC members who have worked as a foreman a minimum of nine months, who are currently working and have contractor approval and buy-in to attend. This class would be ideal for general contractors whose foremen oversee a project or crew.

This five-day skill-building program examines the leadership role of the foreman as a planner, communicator, production manager, crew supervisor, and problem-solver. During the program, participants will look at the major responsibilities of a foreman in relation to the three phases of a job: pre-job/job start-up; peak construction; and project close-out. The training is highly interactive, with real job applications and classroom skill practice. Tips, tools and techniques are woven throughout the program.

The foremen who are selected to attend will arrive in Las Vegas mid-morning on Sunday, and return home late afternoon Friday. Flights, housing, and all meals for the participants will be paid for by the Carpenters International Training Fund. Hourly wages and benefits for that week shall be provided by each participant’s employer.

The Foreman Training Program is not an open-enrollment program. All requests for approval to attend this program must be coordinated through the District Vice-President’s Office. If you are interested in this program, please contact Samantha Steele at (651) 379-0225 or ssteele@ncsrcc.org at the Regional Council Office to ensure you are going through the proper channels.

2022 Dates: December 12-15

2023 Dates: April 17-20 (Interior Systems), June 5-8 (Concrete), July 24-27 (Interior Systems), August 21-24 (Concrete), November 6-9 (Pile Driver), December 11-14 (Millwright)

Delegate Training Program

Building a Better, Stronger Union

A Council delegate is a leader and a role model. The Delegate Training Program is designed to help increase understanding of the Brotherhood, and to assist delegates in recognizing the value they bring and the important role they play in the UBC’s mission. This program builds skills that help delegates educate, motivate, and inspire their fellow members.

The Delegate Training Program:

  • Develops an understanding of a delegate’s role and the value they bring to the Brotherhood.
  • Increases understanding of what the Brotherhood is doing and why, so that delegates can successfully convey this message to the members they represent.
  • Develops skills for effectively communicating with fellow members about issues important to them and to the Brotherhood.
  • Strengthens relationships with other delegates from their Council and other areas.

2023 Dates: March 30-April 2, September 7-10, October 12-15


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