Become a Interior Systems Professional

Become a Interior Systems Professional

Interior Systems work includes steel stud and drywall, acoustical ceilings, insulators, floor coverers and lathers.

Floor Coverers 

Floor Coverers are specialists in the preparation, installation and finishing of commercial and residential carpet, wood, laminate, resilient tile, vinyl, cork, rubber and other professional flooring.

Floor Coverers are experts on the intricacies of installing the simplest to the most sophisticated floor surfaces. Through national participation in the INSTALL program, they receive direct, custom training from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. They not only gain certification directly from the manufacturer, but are first in line to become qualified with their newest flooring products and techniques.

Floor Coverers almost always work indoors in a conditioned environment. Safety is crucial since they often work with a variety of glues, mastics, and cleaning and preparation materials. Floor Coverers usually work in teams.

Good preparation for the trade includes basic math and geometry skills. Drafting, woodworking and art training are also useful.


Lathers perform basic plaster and stucco installation, but they also create the architectural features that bring beauty to buildings: graceful and ornate arches, curves, domes, barrel ceilings and columns. When you see unusual structural forms or dramatic faux landscaping, you can be sure a lather is behind it.

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As a floor coverer apprentice, you will go through the INSTALL Training Program, which is a dedicated floor covering curriculum developed by the Carpenters International Training Fund with input from industry leaders and manufacturers.

You’ll learn from an elite team of INSTALL instructors as they take you through the program’s nine pillars:Standard Skills, Carpet, Resilient Flooring, Resinous Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Concrete Polishing, Safety, Productivity and Green Building Awareness.

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Flooring
  • Square Tile Layout and Installation
  • Substrate Preparation
  • OSHA, First-Aid/CPR
  • Square Tile Layout, Diagonal Layout
  • Diagonal Tile Layout and Installation
  • Stair Treads, Stringers, and Risers
  • Roto-Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  • Flat Lay PVC Flooring and Heat Welding
  • Linoleum Flat Lay and Heat Welding
  • Flash Cove Linoleum Heat Welding
  • Flash Cove PVC
  • Carpet Stretch
  • Hardwood Installation
  • Hardwood Sanding and Finishing
  • ICRA “Health Care Construction”