Contractor Coronavirus FAQs

Contractor Coronavirus FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions during this challenging time we are all facing. It is the intent of the Regional Council, local unions and membership to continue working to ensure contractors complete their projects on time and on budget. There is no doubt that during this pandemic, things are changing daily. Our membership has received access to over 70 pages of publications we have distributed on our website and through social media. We will continue to educate our membership as information becomes available. Our members want to work to ensure their economic sustainability for their families and for the contractors that employ them. The membership and the Regional Council ask that all partnering contractors follow safe jobsite practices and protocols. Information for these safe practices can be found on our website, contractor association websites as well as other sources. We are stronger together. Our partnership will help us emerge from this pandemic stronger than we have ever been.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the manpower situation be when this is all over?

    We are anticipating a needed increase because new projects will emerge due to the COVID-19 virus. There may be a need for more manpower due to hospital expansion, construction or clean room construction. Business Representatives continue to recruit members to help with any needed increases in manpower.

  • Who is and who is not essential in construction?

    All construction is considered essential in Wisconsin and Minnesota. There are no executive orders in other states currently. The council leadership and political team are actively working to make sure construction is considered essential for all our six states. Public health orders will determine whether construction work can continue. Staff are working every day to ensure that members doing essential work are doing so under mandatory safety and public health standards.

  • Will some of the smaller contractors be able to survive this?

    Some of the larger general contractors who depend on subcontractors to perform specialized scopes of work are concerned they will not make it. We have not seen any massive layoffs due to COVID-19. Based on what we have seen, contractors are still working.

  • What jobs around the Regional Council are being cancelled?

    While there have been some cancellations and have seen a small increase on MIX 2020’s out of work list, some of it may be due to personal choice. Contractors are being able to move onto other jobs. We are not seeing a decrease in the amount of work.

  • What is happening in other areas regarding job postponements/cancellations?

    There have been a very minimal number of disruptions currently.

  • Will we be able to get qualified carpenters in place to play catch up after this pandemic?

    Our recruitment, retention and training were ramped up to prepare us for these types of issues that could arise. We feel comfortable that we would be in a good place if there was a surge in construction to meet the demands caused by this pandemic. When employees have requested layoffs due to sickness, immune-deficiency issues or childcare issues, our contractors have stepped up and worked with these employees. These employees will be around to return to their jobs when things settle down.