INSTALL Warranty

INSTALL Warranty


When an INSTALL Warranty Contractor wins a new project, INSTALL backs the flooring installation. That is above and beyond the flooring manufacturer’s warranty. And it is free. 

While most installers say they will guarantee their work, reality is, there is no way to know for sure, which means the customer could end up footing the bill; if not for materials, then the labor and sometimes both. Regardless, customers will pay for the biggest cost of all: disruption, downtime, delays, and ultimately occupant dissatisfaction.

INSTALL contractors are the only group to have a third party warranty to guarantee the job is done right so customers never have to worry about the cost of replacing a bad installation. Customers of INSTALL Warranty Contractors will receive a labor warranty for work done by  INSTALL certified journeypersons. 

Learn more about the INSTALL Warranty by watching the video below.

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