International Standards & Training Alliance for Floor Coverers


INSTALL is the floor covering industry’s alliance of mills, manufacturers, industry consultants, contractors and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) who develop the best standards and training in North America. This ensures INSTALL mechanics receive the newest installation methods and technology from more than 100 mills and manufacturers.

To stay on the cutting edge, it is regularly reviewed and updated by technical and education experts. The major mills and manufacturers alliances support, endorse and specify the INSTALL standards and training because it is their standards and training.

INSTALL is also supported by the UBC International Training Fund which allots more than $200 million each year to training its members, including floorcovering professionals.

The INSTALL training and certifications were developed by the Carpenters International Training Fund with input from industry leaders and manufacturers. INSTALL demands precision skills, competence and discipline from those who possess the INSTALL certification.

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INSTALL Representative

Ben Coplan |

“INSTALL is the only organization that creates new installers in a focused, funded, and manufacturer-approved manner. Milliken applauds this effort and supports INSTALL as the vehicle of choice for acquiring the skills to be a professional flooring mechanic.”

INSTALL Professionals

“Roppe Holding Company and our respective product brands, Roppe Corporation and Flexco Floors, support the exceptional training standards established by INSTALL. Our organizations recognize the importance of proper education and training, which is vital to secure the future growth of our industry. Therefore, we commend INSTALL’s commitment in providing an excellent education and training program.”