Fabricate and install decorative and functional elements.

Becoming a Millwright means joining a high tech trade in which you become an expert at the precise alignment, installation, overhauling and troubleshooting of the huge machinery on which our economy depends.

Millwrights rig, hoist, assemble, dismantle, align and adjust mechanical equipment, sometimes to tolerances of 1/1,000th of an inch.

They work in many different industries, making sure assembly lines, gears, pumps, valves, compressors, generators, conveyors and power turbines of all sorts work smoothly and efficiently.

Millwrights need good math, geometry, mechanical and welding skills.

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Millwright Local 548


Local 548

730 Olive Street
Saint Paul, MN 55130
651-636-3999/Fax: 651-636-3999

Millwrights Local 1463

Local 1463

10761 Virginia Plaza Suite 102
Papillion, Nebraska 68128
402-571-2561/Fax: 402-345-0238 |

Millwrights Local 1056


Local 1056

N2216 Bodde Road
Kaukauna, WI 54130
920-996-2319/Fax: 920-996-2301

Millwrights Local 1176

Local 1176

513 36th Street North
Fargo, ND 58102
701-235-4981/Fax: 701-235-4901

Millwrights Local 1348


Local 1348

726 4th Street North
Virginia, MN 55792
218-741-6314/Fax: 218-741-6017


  Local 1091

217 South Mandan Street
Bismarck, ND 58504
701-255-3700/Fax: 701-255-3701

Local 2337

N25 W23055 Paul Road
Pewaukee, WI 53072
262-970-5777/Fax: 262-970-5770

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