Pile Drivers

Pile Drivers

Work with deep piles, concrete forms and steel sheeting.

Pile Drivers build the foundations of our community. They drive, install, repair and remove the deep piles, foundations, steel sheeting and shoring upon which buildings, bridges, docks and more depend. They create retaining walls that hold back dirt and water for bridge construction, tunnels and bulkheads. Pile Drivers direct work processes utilizing large crane-like machines that drive or drill metal, concrete or wood piling into the ground. They frequently weld and cut large metal beams and sheeting.

Pile Drivers almost always work outdoors; at times, they work on barges and other floating stations, or even under water. Hours can be long, especially in the summer, and the nature of the industry means they travel where needed.

Pile Drivers need good math skills and the ability to read blueprints and interpret engineering specifications. They learn welding, cutting, rigging, safety and environmental regulations.

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Pile drivers

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Pile Drivers Local 1847


Pile Drivers Local 1847

730 Olive Street
Saint Paul, MN 55130
651-209-3466/Fax: 651-636-3897

Local 2337

Millwrights & Pile Drivers Local 2337

N25 W23055 Paul Road Suite 1
Pewaukee, WI 53072
262-970-5777/Fax: 262-970-5770