MIX 2020 Dispatch System

To put yourself on the MIX 2020 out-of-work list, call 1-855-456-2141
To talk to DISPATCH, call 1-855-987-2020

Register by filling out and submitting the Skills Sheet you received in the mail at home, or find the skill sheet for your craft below and fill it out online.

If you become unemployed, call the MIX 2020 automated line at 1-855-456-2141 to place yourself on the out-of-work list.

Please click on the video below for more information.

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Click on the icons below to access the MIX 2020 Skill Sheet for your craft:

Formularios en línea en español

Instaladores de Piso
Operadores de Martinetes

Click here for PDF versions.

To view work area maps by craft, click below:

Carpenter map mainFloor coverer map mainMillwright map mainPile Driver map main

Quick help guide for registering and filling out your skills sheet: