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Negotiations 2022

Negotiation updates

Twin Cities Metro Negotiations Update #1


  1. The regional council has sent official notice to all contractors working under agreements expiring in 2022 that we are opening the agreement for negotiations.  Contractors have not reached out and let us know they are ready to meet. No face-to-face meetings have taken place or been scheduled.
  2. All member applicants have been interviewed. Once final interviews have been completed members of the bargaining team will be selected and announced.
  3. The bargaining team has appointed committees to manage communications, research, recruitment, market share, and economics.
  4. Some similar or identical proposals that have come from the locals under this agreement have been categorized and consolidated.
  5. The committee began discussing wages given the current and past economic environment. In the past 10-15 years, union collective bargaining agreements have provided members with consistent raises of both the wage and benefit package that exceeded inflation during that time period and greatly exceeded those given to nonunion workers. 
  6. This is a negotiation. Many factors should be considered throughout this process including the value of contract language being proposed, the results of your local’s allocations (How much money was actually allocated by your local to be put on the check verses the costs of the total package?), the costs of inflation, and expectations from the jobsite where contractors include anticipated increases into their bid while remaining competitive. Maintaining and being able to grow market share with our contractors is a desired outcome for both the union and the employer.

Tentative Agreements

Updates will appear as they become available.

Tentative Agreement
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Millwrights & Machinery Erectors #1091 and #1176 North Dakota
Eastern Iowa Carpenters - Locals #678, #308, and #1260
Millwrights Local 548
MN Commercial Agreement TA
MN Commercial/Wood Frame/Frana - Apprentice Schedule
MN Wood Frame Addendum TA
Frana Addendum TA
Floorcovering Apprentice Schedule
May 9th, MN Floorcovering TA Summary
Local 1463 Millwright TA Summary
South Dakota - Olympic - TA Summary
NE Interior Systems - Local 1306 TA